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2019 Annual Banquet

Honor Guard & Opening Ceremony

Leadership Award

Firefighter James D. Quinn was presented the SHAES Leadership Award during the department's annual banquet on May 4. Now in his 18th year with SHAES, JD was recognized for the job he has done increasing the department's level of skill, knowledge and patient care. He also leads the SHAES Honor Guard. He is pictured with Chief Ron Wise and Deputy Chief Tony Marsala.

Firefighter of the Year

Paul Quinn is the SHAES 2018 Firefighter of the Year. Paul is in his 25th year with SHAES. In addition to his commitment to serve with dedication to the citizens of our community, Paul coordinates the fire prevention programs of the department. He is pictured with Chief Ron Wise and Deputy Chief Tony Marsala.

Service Above Self

Deputy Chief Tony Marsala will be retiring on June 7, completing 32 years of service to community. He was recognized by Chief Ron Wise during our annual banquet on May 4.

Compassion Award

A team of SHAES responders who toiled for hours in an attempt to rescue a horse trapped in an underground septic tank was recognized during the department's annual banquet. Lt. Brian Horan was commended for his actions in calming the horse during the ordeal. Other responders recognized for their efforts were Justin Schmid, James A. Quinn, Dustin Guminski, Steve Cavadas and James Lindmulder. “This is a true example of what compassion is and why our staff makes such a difference in our community, it is not just a job.” said Chief Ron Wise.

Teamwork Saves Lives

Hard work and determination are what separates SHAES staff from many. The support given to them by our community is all the thanks they ask for. But some time their work deserves a little more attention. Over the past year there were several incidents when SHAES staff performed life-saving actions. At the SHAES banquet on May 4 the skill and compassion for a job well done was acknowledged. Recognized were Thomas Leva, Phillip Quinn, Matthew Russell, Ross Burnside, Patrick Quinn, Ronald Washegesic, Johanna Quinn, James D. Quinn, Brian Horan, Jr., Roseanna Fox, Shawn Quinn, Brian Montgomery, Shawn Smth, Owen Ridley, Tim Vanholt, Bill Snider, James A. Quinn, Ronald Ridley, Dawn Hinz, Paul Quinn, David Griessel, Zachary Kenreich, Dustin Guminski, Brian Horan Sr., Tim Quinn and Steve Cavadas.

Dedicated to Community

SHAES celebrated the 40 years of service of Captain Ridley during its annual dinner. Ron is pictured with Chief Ron Wise and Deputy Chief Tony Marsala. Als honored for service were Stanley Wakild, 35 years; Paul Quinn, 25 years; Brandon Hinz, 20 years; Brian Montgomery, Patrick Quinn and Timothy Quinn, 10 years; Matthew Russell, Willie Wright, Ronald Washegesic, Johanna Quinn and Steve Cavadas, five years.

New SHAES Paid-on-Call Staff

Chief Wise issued the oath to four paid-on-call firefighters and EMTs – Matthew Dey, Ross Burnside, Shawn Quinn and Alexis Ridley.

New SHAES Fulltime Staff

Chief Wise issued the oath to two new fulltime staff – Firefighter/Paramedic Zachary Kenreich and Assistant Fire Inspector Steve Cavadas. Kenreich, who previously served as Assistant Fire Inspector, was also recognized for the work he accomplished in pre-planning and structure inspections.

Training Committee

A successful drill testing the department's capacity to fight a major fire should one occur in the central business district was recognized during the annual banquet on May 4. Department members recognized for planning the drill were Tim Quinn, Mark Kaput, Brian Montgomery, Ronald Washegesic, Shawn Smith and Owen Ridley.

Citation Bars

Firefighter 2 & Haz-Mat Operations - Matthew Dey, Ross Burnside, Shawn Quinn

Fire Officer 2 - Steven Cavadas

Honor Guard Johanna Quinn

EMT Basic - Roseanna Fox

EMR Basic - Shawn Quinn, Brian Horan, Sr.

Veterans - Ross Burnside, Rex Haner

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