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2017 Annual Banquet

Honor Guard

Leadership Award

Veteran firefighter Steve Jones was presented the SHAES Leadership Award during the department's annual banquet on May 6. Steve has served the community as a firefighter/paramedic for 30 years. He is pictured with Chief Ron Wise and Deputy Chief Tony Marsala. In photo below, SHAES members on his shift celebrated the award presented to their colleague.

Firefighter of the Year

David Griessel is the SHAES 2016 Firefighter of the Year. Dave has been a member of SHAES since 2011, first as a paid-on-call firefighter and since 2015 a fulltime firefighter/paramedic. A second generation firefighter, David served on the Tuscarora, Mich. Township volunteer fire department from 1999-2008. His grandfather served on the Newark, N.J. fire department.

New Members of Department

Three new paid-on-call fire fighters were recognized during the annual SHAES banquet. Pictured with Chief Ron Wise (left to right) Brian Horan, Jr., Roseanna Peterson and William Snider.

Life Saving Award Recipients

First responders are faced with life-threatening situations on a daily basis. The heroic actions of SHAES responders over the past year were recognized during the department's annual banquet. One unusual “save” occurred when SHAES staff successfully resucitated a family dog overcome by smoke in a Casco Township house fire. Chief Ron Wise recognized responders Owen Ridley, James Lindemulder and Johanna Quinn for their actions. —–

"I Made CPR Count" Recognitions

In addition, the department presented “I Made CPR Count” pins to: Ronald Washegesic, Brian T. Horan, Brian J. Horan, Zach Kenreich, Thomas Leva, David Griessel, James Lindemulder, Andrew Biederman, Dawn Hinz. Cesar Garcia, Owen Ridley, Matt Russell, Keith Bierhalter, Timothy Van Holt, Brandon Hinz, Steve Jones, Brad Filbrandt, Patrick Quinn, Paul Quinn and Tim Quinn.

SCBA Project Committee

A major project in 2016-17 was the determination of the vendor to supply new Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus for the department. This acquisition was made possible thanks to a $398,182 grant to SHAES and Bangor Community Fire Department from the Federal Assistance to Firefighters program. The committee was recognized by Chief Wise during the annual banquet. Members of the committee were Ronald Ridley, Brian T. Horan, Zach Kenreich, James A. Quinn, Ronald Washegesic, Mark Kaput, Brandon Hinz, Brian Montgomery, Andrew Biederman, David Griessel and Shawn Smith. The new SCBAs were put into service in April.

Citizen Fire Academy Leadership

The Citizen Fire Academy is a 10-week program sponsored by SHAES. The leadership of that program was honored at the banquet – Owen Ridley, Shawn Smith, Brian Montgomery, Tony Marsala and Ron Wise.

Years of Service Recognitions

  • 30 Years– Tony Marsala, Steve Jones
  • 25 Years – Owen Ridley, James A. Quinn
  • 15 Years – James D. Quinn
  • 5 Years – Eric Russell

Citation Bars

  • Medical First Responder– Cesar Garcia, Brian Horan, Jr., Roseanna Peterson
  • Fire Instructor – Paul Quinn
  • Fire Investigation – Keith Bierhalter
  • Fire Officer 2 – David Griessel, Cody Sedlak
  • Firefighter 2 – Roseanna Peterson, William Snider, Brian Horan, Jr.
  • Haz-Mat Operations – Roseanna Peterson, William Snider, Brian Horan, Jr.
  • Veteran – William Snider


Appreciation Certificates

  • SHAES Technology Coordinator – Tim Quinn
  • SHAES Photographer – Tom Renner



  • Firefighter 1 & 2– Isaac Tate, Daniel Delia, Brandon Plassaster, Thomas Kun
  • EMT Basic Ronald Washegesic, Willie Wright


Photo Highlights

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