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2018 Annual Banquet

Honor Guard

Leadership Award

Firefighter Shawn Smith was presented the SHAES Leadership Award during the department's annual banquet on May 5. Now in his eighth year with SHAES, Shawn was recognized for the job he has done increasing the department's level of skill, knowledge and patient care. He is pictured with Chief Ron Wise and Deputy Chief Tony Marsala.

Firefighter of the Year

James A. Quinn is the SHAES 2017 Firefighter of the Year. Jim has been a member of the SHAES paid-on-call staff for 26 years. He is a first responder from the department's Casco Township station and a member of the Honor Guard.

Compassion Award - Dawn Hinz

The compassion award was recommended by Dawn’s peers for going above and beyond good patient care. On November 22, 2018 SHAES was dispatched to a motor vehicle accident with entrapment. Dawn responded to the scene directly from home while off duty and found a 10-year- old female patient trapped in the vehicle. Dawn did a quick assessment of the condition of the patient and relayed it to incoming units. Dawn stayed with the little girl while patient care and extrication were being performed and explaining to her what was going on each step of the way. When the little girl was being prepared for transport to Bronson hospital in Kalamazoo, she asked Dawn not to leave her. Dawn did not hesitate and climbed into the ambulance to stay and comfort the little girl. While transporting the patient to the hospital, Dawn received permission from the patient’s mother to follow up on how she was doing after treatment at the hospital. Dawn not only kept up with the patient healing process, Dawn bought a gift for the little girl for Christmas. This is a true example of what patient care is and why our staff makes such a difference in our community, it is not just a job. They do this job because they care.

Teamwork Saves Lives

South Haven Area Emergency Services was dispatched to Whispering Pines Mobile Home Park 67633 CR-388 in Geneva Township for two children trapped by flood waters unable to get out of the water. Upon arrival of SHAES responders within 3 minutes of dispatch, found two twelve-year- old girls holding on to a tree down in a ravine in the middle of the flood waters. The girls were standing in about 2 feet of water but could not make it back to shore due to water kept getting deeper and deeper when they moved away from the tree. SHAES rescuers donned ice rescue suits and crossed the flood waters to reach the girls. Rescuer went through 4 feet of water that was flowing across the creek to reach the girls. Once rescuers reached the girls, they were outfitted with life vest and helmets to begin their way back to shore while tethered to each rescuer. The girls were brought to shore and placed in SHAES ambulance for treatment of hypothermia. Total time for rescue was 17 minutes utilizing 15 rescue personnel. SHAES responders were assisted by South Haven Police Department. We recognize these SHAES responders for their bravery and skills that saved two young lives. Anthony Marsala- Shore Command; Shawn Smith and Zachary Kenreich - Water Rescuers; Steve Jones- Backup Rescuer and Patient Care; Brian Montgomery - Patient Care; Keith Bierhalter, Cesar Garcia, Cody Sedlak, Ronald Washegesic, Brian Horan Sr., James A Quinn, Patrick Quinn and Timothy Quinn - Shore support.

"I Made CPR Count" Honorees

Our dedicated staff has made a considerable difference in the lives of our residents as well as guests that have passed through the South Haven area. SHAES staff over the past year performed CPR on many patients. The following staff are acknowledged for their efforts with saving human life: Receiving “I Made CPR Count” pins were Ronald Washegesic, Brian T Horan, Brian J Horan, Brad Filbrandt, Dustin Guminski, Zachary Kenreich, David Griessel, James Lindemulder, Cesar Garcia, Matt Russell, Brandon Hinz, Dawn Hinz, Steve Jones,Tim Van Holt, Patrick Quinn, Tim Quinn, Zachary Church, Brian Montgomery, Johanna Quinn and Paul Quinn.

Dedicated to Community

SHAES celebrated the 35 years of service of Keith Bierhalter during its annual dinner. We were also pleased that Keith's dad and SHAES retiree Ed Bierhalter attended our celebration. Keith is pictured with Chief Ron Wise and Deputy Chief Tony Marsala. The three have a cumulative 88 years of service to SHAES! Also Honored: James Lindemulder, 15 years; Dawn Hinz, 10 years; Zachary Church and Andrew Gossman, five years.

New SHAES Fire Fighters

Chief Wise issued the oath to three new fire fighters – Zachary Mulac, Isaac Tate and Danny Delia.

Training Committee

A newly created committee has taken training to a new level. The committee consists of fulltime and paid-on call staff with all types of experience and training. Commended at the annual banquet by Chief Wise and Deputy Chief Tony Marsala were Shawn Smith, Brian Montgomery, Tim Quinn, Owen Ridley, Ronald Washegesic and Mark Kaput.

Citation Bars

Firefighter 2 & Haz-Mat Operations - Daniel Delia, Isaac Tate, Zachary Mulac, Thomas Kuhn

Fire Inspector - Zachary Kenreich

EMT Basic - Brian Horan, Jr.

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