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Executive Director

South Haven Area Emergency Services Authority

South Haven Area Emergency Services Authority is a fire/ambulance authority in SW Michigan that serves City of South Haven, South Haven Township, Geneva Township and Casco Township. SHAES seeks an innovative executive director to perform a variety of complex administrative, supervisory and professional tasks in planning, coordinating and directing the activities of the fire/ambulance authority.

Primary responsibilities include:

  1. Plan, direct, coordinate and controls all activities of the department for its continued and efficient operation.
  2. Shall make reports to the Authority Board as required.
  3. Prepares meeting agendas, financial reports and director’s reports for the monthly authority board meetings.
  4. Oversee administrative programs as directed by authority board.
  5. Coordinate, assign, manage and evaluates the work of all fire/ambulance personnel.
  6. Responds to fire alarms and EMS calls; takes command and directs all operations at the scene of emergency incidents.
  7. Responsible for investigations into the causes of fires or other hazardous incidents.
  8. Responsible for the evaluation of various fire and EMS operations, program performance and to take necessary corrective action.
  9. Administrate the maintenance and operations of Authority equipment and buildings.
  10. Responsible for the training of all members of the department. This includes the preliminary training of members upon their appointment to the department and the continued training of all members of the department, full-time and part-time personnel.
  11. Review, recommend, develop and enforce departmental policies, guidelines and procedures.
  12. Responsible for site plan review and fire safety inspection.
  13. Coordinates harmonious and efficient operation of the Authority.
  14. The executive director shall conduct community outreach to enhance the visibility of the organization.
  15. Abide by the Authority's Privacy Policies.

Successful candidate will possess State certifications as Fire Fighter Two, Fire Officer Three and current EMT Basic or EMT Paramedic license. EMT Paramedic is preferred. Candidate must have work experience in the Fire/Ambulance field under the Incident Command System or related field. Must have strong oral and written communication skills, excellent supervisory abilities, budget development and administration experience and the ability to plan, organize, and manage the operations of the organization.

Send completed application, cover letter and resume to or Human Resources Department, City of South Haven, 539 Phoenix Street, South Haven, MI 49090. Deadline for application is December 16, 2019.

The South Haven Area Emergency Services Authority is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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