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Van Buren County Weather

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Current - South Haven Airport

Issued: Jan 20, 2019 3:05 EST

Temp: 6.8°F
Wind Chill: -8.0°F
Dew Point: -5.8°F
Humidity Point: 55.3%

Pressure: 30.11in
Visibility: at 10.0sm

Wind: From the N (10°) at 10.4mph
variable from 320° to 30°
with gusts up to 16.1mph

Clear Below 12000ft

Temperature for last hour: 7.2°F
Dew Point for last hour: -5.6°F

Forecast - Kalamazoo Airport

Issued: Jan 21, 2019 13:42 EST
Valid: Jan 21, 2019 13:00 EST - Jan 22, 2019 13:00 EST

Duration Wind Visibility Clouds Condition
13:00 - 7:00From the SE (140°) at 6.9mphbeyond 6.0smBroken at 25000ft
7:00 - 13:00From the SE (140°) at 13.8mph Broken at 20000ft


Beach Conditions


www.glerl.noaa.gov_metdata_cams_shv01.jpg www.glerl.noaa.gov_metdata_cams_shv02.jpg www.glerl.noaa.gov_metdata_cams_shv03.jpg www.glerl.noaa.gov_metdata_cams_shv04.jpg www.limnotechdata.com_stations_albums_southhaven_southhavenimage.jpg mdotcf.state.mi.us_public_docs_drive_camfiles_rwis_11897.jpg

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