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Firefighter FLSA: Exempt

This Job Reports to: Fire Lieutenant

Job Summary

To perform fire extinguishment, rescue, salvage, ventilation, emergency medical procedures when trained to do so, vehicle extrication, hazardous materials procedures, safe and efficient operation of all Authority apparatus and equipment when trained to do so, inspect and maintain apparatus and equipment, cleans and maintains buildings and grounds and to perform related work assignments as required by higher ranking officers.

Duties and Responsibilities

Essential Job Functions

  • Respond to fire alarms and other emergency and non-emergency scenes.
  • Provides emergency medical procedures to level of liensceure.
  • Efficiently & safely drives and operates Authority apparatus and equipment to emergency and non-emergency calls.
  • Responds to fires, ambulance calls or to the station hours when called or paged by the Authority’s dispatch center per Authority policies.
  • Sets up necessary ladders, lighting, ventilation, salvage and hose streams as directed.
  • Monitors the engineer’s panel and makes proper adjustments.
  • Sets up necessary water supplies and makes proper water connections per Authority policies.
  • Must efficiently and effectively operate all firefighting and EMS equipment.
  • Must lift or assist in lifting patients or victims in hazardous and non-hazardous environments.
  • Advances hose lines and performs victim rescue.
  • Assist with hydrant and water flow inspections.
  • Assist in training of Authority employees in pump operation and medical treatment. Attends monthly training per Authority policies.
  • Prepare reports to higher ranking officers as required.
  • Keeps the fire station in a clean and orderly condition per Authority policies.
  • Keeps apparatus in a clean and orderly condition per Authority policies.
  • Attend training sessions in firefighting, equipment & apparatus operation and medical continuing education.
  • Perform building, vehicle and equipment maintenance and repair tasks.
  • Prepare reports as required by superior officers.
  • Abides by the Authority’s Privacy Policies.

Supplemental Job Functions

  1. Prepare meals.
  2. As prescribed by the Captain or Fire Lieutenant.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  1. Knowledge of firefighting principles, practices and procedures of modern fire science normally acquired through the completions and certification in MFFTC Firefighter II and Fire Officer I.
  2. Working knowledge of the geography, streets, rural areas and important locations within the Authority.
  3. Knowledge of the Authority’s rules, policies, procedures and guidelines.
  4. Knowledge of job hazards, state laws and Authority Ordinances.
  5. Knowledge of the Incident Management System.
  6. Ability to maintain current medical licenser and required certifications and attend continuing education classes/courses.
  7. Ability to report for emergency and non-emergency calls and station call-in staffing.
  8. Ability to maintain ones physical ability to perform essential and supplemental job functions.
  9. Ability to lift extremely heavy objects and persons.

Working Conditions

  1. Work is frequently preformed in hazardous emergency situations in all types of environments. High amounts of stress are often associated with this type of work. Employees performing essential job functions often physically exert themselves beyond average, normal modes of a daily work environment.
  2. Work is frequently preformed in a commercial garage setting when not on calls or outdoor assignments. Work performed in these cases would be routine building maintenance and up keep of apparatus and equipment.

Reporting Relationship

  1. Reports to the superior officer on duty.
  2. Firefighters responding to alarms are to report to the Incident Commander before embarking on any action.
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