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Contact Us

South Haven Area Emergency Services
Station 3
90 Blue Star Highway
South Haven, MI 49090
(269) 637-5151 (Non-Emergency)

Call 911 For All Emergencies

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Name Rank Responsibilities
Ronald Wise Fire Chief Command
Keith Bierhalter Deputy Chief/Fire Marshal Fire Code/Inspections
Ron Ridley Captain Information Technologies/NFIRS Q.A., NFPA, Annual Reporting, Hydrant Inspections Oversight
Paul Quinn Captain Training Officer, Fire Prevention Education, Monthly Reports Oversight, Hose Testing Oversight
Brandon Hinz Firefighter/Paramedic Vehicle Maintenance, Breathing Air Sampling, Four Gas Meter Testing, Pressure Vessel Hydro Testing
Shawn Smith Firefighter/Paramedic EMS Reports QA, Medical Control Liaison
Owen Ridley Firefighter/Paramedic EMS Education, Hose Testing, Data Entry
Brian Montgomery Firefighter/Paramedic Accountability, EMS Reports QA, Vehicle Maintenance
Steve Jones Firefighter/Paramedic Quartermaster
James D. Quinn Firefighter/Paramedic Safety Data Sheets, Quartermaster, Honor Guard
Dawn Hinz Firefighter/Paramedic EMS Supplies Purchasing, Water Rescue Training
David Griessel Firefighter/Paramedic Building Maintenance
Zachary Kenreich Firefighter/Paramedic Pre-Planning and Inspections, Software Maintenance and Development, Fire Prevention Education
Steven Cavadas Firefighter/Paramedic Pre-planning and Inspections, Data Entry
Cody Sedlak Firefighter/Paramedic Hydrant Inspections, End of Month Reports, Data Entry
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