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South Haven Area Emergency Services

The Mission of SHAES
The Mission of the South Haven (Michigan) Area Emergency Services (SHAES) is to preserve life, limb and property through aggressive fire prevention, education and fire suppression. To provide the highest quality of emergency medical care with skill and compassion. To serve our communities with pride, integrity and courage.



SHAES News Updates

Alert: Field Fire Danger Exists

The transition from winter to spring means there poses an increasing danger for field fires that can endanger structures. Open burning is not allowed within the city limits. There are requirements for open-burning in the townships. Please review before burning –

SHAES Plans to Implement Cadet Program

Read MLIVE Story / WSJM Report / Fox17 Report / Moody on the Morning Report

South Haven Area Emergency Services (SHAES) in the upcoming months will launch a Cadet program that will introduce participants to the fire fighting and emergency medical service professions.

“We are excited about this new opportunity to serve for the young people in our community,” said SHAES Executive Director Brandon Hinz. “and who doesn’t want to be a firefighter…really?!”

The program is intended to grow the number of people entering the emergency services professions. Cadet prospects will be welcome in the coming months to experience the department first-hand by attending training, respond to emergency calls as an observer, and help at events and fundraisers. Beginning in September, SHAES will sponsor Cadets for the state certifications required to become a firefighter.

“Becoming an active Cadet prior to starting classes will help orient students with the department, it’s equipment and personnel,” said Hinz.

Interested cadet prospects may live outside the SHAES service area which includes the City of South Haven, Casco Township, Geneva Township and South Haven Township.

Cadet prospects under 18 years of age must have a valid driver's license and a signed work permit from their school. Minors will also need a signed parent/guardian permission slip allowing SHAES to conduct background check. The number of cadets will be limited.

Interested persons are invited to contact Chief Hinz –

Winter Danger Lies on Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan dangers are present on the shoreline this time of the year, too. The ice-covered lake is big and beautiful, but also dangerous. Please don't put yourself and responders at risk trying to navigate or explore the hazardous situations. This illustration shows the hidden dangers.

SHAES Has Record Year in 2020

South Haven Area Emergency Services (SHAES) responded to a record number of calls during 2020 according to the department’s Annual Report. Responses totaled 2,358 compared to 2,171 in 20l9. The previous record had been 2,276 in 2016.

“Our call volume showed a significant increase in medical-related responses,” said executive director Brandon Hinz. “Even with the restrictions and hurdles that had to be endured due to the COVID pandemic, our staff remained committed to providing quality service to our residents and visitors.” Read more –

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