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 =======2019 Year in Review======= =======2019 Year in Review=======
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 +===== Deputy Chief Tony Marsala Approaches Retirement=====
 +As the fire alarm sounded, 10-year-old Tony Marsala was quick to get into the car with his dad, Robert, who was responding as a member of the Covert Township Fire Department.
 +Now, nearly 50 years later including 34 years with South Haven Area Emergency Services, Deputy Chief/Fire Marshall, Tony Marsala is about to answer his last call as a professional firefighter.
 +It has been a career of dedicated service by a man who decided he wanted to be first responder at a young age. He became an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) as a teenager and began training for the fire service right after graduating from Covert High School.
 +Early in his career he worked for the former South Haven Township ambulance service and was a paid-on-call member with the Covert Fire Department. ​ He was a field medic and safety officer with Bechtel Power before becoming a fulltime member of the Covert department in 1984. He also worked part-time in the emergency room at South Haven Community Hospital.
 +He joined the South Haven Fire Department, now SHAES, fulltime in 1985. He was promoted to Captain in 2008 and has served as Deputy Chief/Fire Inspector since 2010.
 +His qualifications have covered a broad spectrum including inspector, investigator,​ vehicle maintenance certified, diver certification,​ and firefighting training instructor. He is also a member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary and is one of SHAES’ fireboat operators. ​
 +In 1989 he was chosen the department’s Firefighter of the Year. “Tony has been such a great asset to our department,​” said Chief Ron Wise.  “He was always kind and compassionate with patient care, professional and courteous during fire inspections and a mentor for our county’s fire academy students and new recruits. ​ Tony will be truly missed around the department.”
 +“I have been truly blessed with a wonderful career,” said Marsala, “I am grateful for the support of the SHAES Board, my colleagues within the department and especially from the community.”
 +Marsala and his wife Pam are in the final stages of returning to where it all began for Tony with the construction of a new home on the family homestead in Covert. The Marsalas have two children, Tony Jr. and Stacy.
 +===== SHAES Annual Banquet Honors Staff Members=====
 +//​Congratulations to brothers Paul (pictured left) and James D. Quinn who were presented the Firefighter-of-the-Year and Leadership awards respectively.//​
 +Awards and recognitions were presented to members of South Haven Area Emergency Services during the department’s annual dinner on Saturday, May 4.
 +Paul Quinn has been chosen by his peers as the Firefighter of the Year. A member of the department’s paid-on-call staff for 25 years, Paul heads-up the department’s fire prevention initiatives.
 +“Paul has contributed countless hours dedicated to the citizens of our coverage area,” said Chief Ron Wise. “Through his leadership he has helped SHAES bring the fire prevention message to young and older people in the community.”
 +The department’s Leadership Award has been presented to James D. Quinn. Now in his 18th year as a fulltime member of the department, Quinn is being recognized for the job he has done increasing the department’s level of skill and knowledge. He also leads the department’s Honor Guard.
 +“JD is a leader by example,” noted Wise. “He has a desire to answer the call for help with passion and professionalism.”
 +Paul and JD are brothers. Their father, James A. Quinn, also a SHAES member, was the 2017-18 Firefighter of the Year.
 +Wise lauded the department-wide lifesaving initiatives of the past year: “SHAES staff performed CPR on many patients over the last year. Their efforts made a considerable difference in the lives of our residents as well as guests that passed through the South Haven area.” Presented “I Made CPR Count” pins were Ross Burnside, Steven Cavadas, Roseanna Fox, David Griessel, Dustin Guminski, Dawn Hinz, Brian Horan Jr., Brian Horan Sr., Zachary Kenreich, Thomas Leva, Brian Montgomery, James A. Quinn, James D. Quinn, Johanna Quinn, Patrick Quinn, Paul Quinn, Phillip Quinn, Shawn Quinn, Tim Quinn. Owen Ridley, Ronald Ridley, Matthew Russell, Bill Snider, Shawn Smith, Tim Vanholt and Ronald Washegesic, ​
 +Presented a special Compassion Award was Brian Horan, Sr. for the special care given by him during the rescue of a trapped horse.
 +The retirement of Deputy Chief Tony Marsala was announced. He will end 34 years of service on June 7. 
 +Years of service awards were presented to Ronald Ridley, 40 years; Stanley Wakild, 35 years; Paul Quinn, 25 years; Brandon Hinz, 20 years; Brian Montgomery, Patrick Quinn and Timothy Quinn, 10 years; Matthew Russell, Willie Wright, Ronald Washegesic, Johanna Quinn and Steven Cavadas, five years.
 +Welcomed as new paid-on-call members were Matthew Dey, Ross Burnside, Shawn Quinn and Alexis Ridley. Zachary Kenreich was promoted to fulltime firefighter/​paramedic and Steve Cavadas was hired as fulltime Assistant Fire Inspector.
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