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 <div style="​text-align:​center;​ font-size:​200%;">​ <div style="​text-align:​center;​ font-size:​200%;">​
 SHAES News Updates</​div></​html>​ SHAES News Updates</​div></​html>​
 +===== Residential Smoke Detectors a Must =====
 +SHAES is partnering with the American Red Cross in encouraging residents to have working smoke detectors. The Red Cross has a program where they will install free of charge smoke detectors in residences. If you already have smoke detectors, ​ please test them and replace the batteries on a regular basis. Area residents interested in the free smoke alarm program can call the Southwest Michigan Red Cross at 269-353-6180,​ ext. 7181 to schedule an in-home visit. ​ Read a Herald Palladium article -- https://​​news/​local/​free-smoke-alarms-available-through-red-cross/​article_f65bab10-93d1-52ed-98ef-07ba25a754a8.html
 ===== Job Postings - Two SHAES Positions ===== ===== Job Postings - Two SHAES Positions =====
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