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 South Haven Area Emergency Services</​div></​html>​ South Haven Area Emergency Services</​div></​html>​
 <​html><​div style="​text-align:​center;">​ <​html><​div style="​text-align:​center;">​
-<a href="​http://​​dokuwiki/​doku.php?​id=public:​responses"​ >SEE PHOTOS OF RECENT RESPONSES AND ACTIVITIES<​br></​a>​ +</​a></​div></​html>​
-<a href="​http://​​dokuwiki/​doku.php?​id=public:​oct_2019"​ >FIRE PREVENTION PROGRAMS<​br></​a>​ +
-<a href="​http://​​dokuwiki/​doku.php?​id=public:​2019_review"​ >2019 IN REVIEW PHOTO GALLERY<​br>​</​a></​div></​html>​+
 <​html><​div style="​text-align:​center;​ font-size:​200%;">​The Mission of SHAES</​div></​html>​ <​html><​div style="​text-align:​center;​ font-size:​200%;">​The Mission of SHAES</​div></​html>​
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 SHAES News Updates</​div></​html>​ SHAES News Updates</​div></​html>​
-===== Contributon Supports SHAES Initiative ===== 
-[{{:​public:​201023SturgisBankGrant0003.jpg?​150|}}] +**Photo Gallery ​of Recent ​SHAES Responses - Click here 
-Thank you Sturgis Bank and Trust Company for your contribution in support ​of SHAES initiative to acquire cleaning equipment to safeguard our first responders, The second Friday of each month is dedicated as “Jean Day” at the bankFor a donation of $5 employees can wear jeans on that Friday! Sturgis has 12 branches and each month a different branch of gets to choose the charity in their community that they would like to give the fundsAll branches contribute and the total amount raised is donated to a charity. The South Haven offices chose SHAES. Recently the employees presented to Chief Ron Wise a check for $450. Pictured from left to right are Basilia Ruiz, Krissy Garland, Stephanie Timmer, Sandi Cagle, Steve Gage, Fire Chief Ron Wise, Rhonda Wendzel, and Johnathon Borsodi.+​dokuwiki/​doku.php?​id=public:​responses**
-===== Fire Safety Fun Night Enjoyed by All=====+**Photo Gallery of 2020 Year in Review - Click here 
-[{{:​public:​191010firesafety0062.jpg?​150|}}] +===== Beach Safety ​Flag Program Underway =====
-Our annual Fire Safety ​Fun Night was attended by more than 500 kids and adults on Thursday, Oct. 10. We are grateful to our sponsors for supporting this event. Thank you Fox 17 for your coverage -- https://​​2019/​10/​10/​over-500-kids-adults-have-fun-at-south-haven-fire-station-for-fire-safety-fun-night/​+
-===== Rescue 1 Invitation to Bid=====+[{{:​public:​180822waterboaders0034.jpg?​300|}}]
-**ITEM:** 2020 Freightliner conventional chassis Rescue Truck+South Haven Area Emergency Services is responsible for flying the safety flags at city beaches for the summer months. Lake Michigan conditions as determined by the National Weather Service are monitored by SHAES personnel.
-**NOTICE TO BIDDERS:** Sealed bids will be received until 11:00 A.M., November 8, 2019 in the Office of the +Beach warning flags are placed at the city's seven public beaches every day between 9 a.mand 9 p.mThe flags are changed throughout the day if lake conditions changeThe flags are either greenyellow or red based on the conditions.
-Executive Director of South Haven Area Emergency Services Authority by Mail at: South Haven Area +
-Emergency Services Authority, 90 Blue Star Hwy, South Haven, Michigan 49090 or Hand Delivered at: +
-S.H.A.E.SStation 390 Blue Star Highway, South Haven, Michigan. Bids will be opened ​on November 8, +
-2019 at 11:00 A.M in the training room of S.H.A.E.S. Station 3, located at 90 Blue Star Highway, South Haven, +
-**HOW TO RECEIVE SPECIFICATIONS:​** By Email: or FAX (269)637-0998 to S.H.A.E.S. +numbering system for the nearby beach flag poles and pier safety boxes has been developed ​to assist during a time of emergency as a point of reference.
-Executive Director or mail your request ​to: S.H.A.E.S., 90 Blue Star Hwy, South Haven, MI 49090, and Attn: +
-Executive Director. Either must be on your company letterhead.+
-**HOW TO SUBMIT PROPOSAL:** All bids shall be submitted in sealed opaque envelopes, mailed to the above +The status ​of the flags is also posted on the internet -- 
-Blue Star Hwy location OR delivered to the office ​of the Executive Director at the above Blue Star Highway +http://​​parks_and_recreation/​beach_flag_information.php
-location, and plainly marked on the outside of the envelope as follows:+
-**SEALED PROPOSAL FOR:** 2020 Freightliner Rescue Truck +Link to SHAES Beach Safety website --​dokuwiki/​doku.php?​id=public:​beach_safety 
-Bids by email or facsimile (fax) machine will be invalid and will not be considered for reviewIt will be the +===== SHAES Responders Broaden Rescue Capabilities ===== 
-sole responsibility of the bidder to ensure that his proposal reaches the Office of the Executive Director of South Haven Area Emergency Services Authority on or before closing hour and date shown above.+[{{:​public:​200629WaterRescueGear0001.jpg?250|}}]
-**PURPOSE OF BID:** The South Haven Area Emergency Services ​Authority intends to secure a source of +South Haven Area Emergency Services (SHAES) is broadening its ability ​to respond to water rescue incidents ​by providing its paid-on-call members with water rescue equipment that stays with the responders all-of-the time.
-supply for the specified item by considering ​(but not limiting ​to) the following: lowest price, terms and length of warranty, prompt and convenient shipment, and service ​by the supplier to the Authority. Any failure ​on the part of the supplier or contractor to comply ​with the ensuing conditions and specifications shall be reasons for termination ​of contract. The Authority reserves the right to make an award to the supplier where the product or service meets the specifications,​ terms and conditions and where the bid is considered by the Authority Board to be in the Authorities best interest. +
-Ronald Wise, Executive Director+
-{{:​public:​shaes_rescue_specifications_8-20-19.pdf|Rescue Specification}}{{:​public:​shaes_rescue_freightliner_revf.pdf|Rescue Drawing}}+Thanks to a grant from the Albemarle Corporation of South Haven, nineteen SHAES responders now have a fitted PFD personalized flotation device (life jacket), helmet and throw-bag containing 50 feet of rope.
-===== SHAES Responders Honored for Heroism=====+SHAES equipment (ambulances,​ rescue truck, engines) also contain this equipment, but frequently the paid-on-call members who respond from their home or workplace are the first to arrive on an emergency scene.
-[{{:​public:​190904ResponderHonors0045.jpg?150|}}]+"​Minutes,​ if not seconds, count in this type of emergency situation,"​ said Chief Brandon Hinz"We are grateful for the continuing support of Albemarle as we strive to protect our community to the best of our ability."​
-First responders from South Haven Area Emergency Services (SHAES) were recognized Wednesday (Sept. 4) by the City of South Haven for their actions in making rescues on Lake Michigan this summer. SHAES has responded to numerous Lake Michigan alerts most notably on July 19 and August 21 when a total of five people were rescued in the incidents.+Hinz also thanked former chief Ron Wise who pursued funding ​for the acquisition.
-Pictured, from left to right: David Griesel, Tim Quinn, Brian J. Horan, Brandon Hinz, Steven Cavadas, Zach Kenreich, Phillip Quinn, Ron Wise, Shawn Quinn, Brian Montgomery, Keith Bierhalter, James Quinn and Cody SedlakAlso honored but not pictured were Patrick Quinn, Amanda Quinn, Ron Ridley and Dawn Hinz.+In recent weeks SHAES staff has been conducting its annual water rescue drills on Lake Michigan ​and Lake ArvestaA recent drill included members of the South Haven Police Department whose officers also have PFDs in their patrol cars.
 +See WOOD-TV coverage -- https://​​news/​southwest-michigan/​south-haven-crews-get-life-saving-tools-for-when-seconds-count/​
 +===== Please Keep Hydrants Clear of Foliage =====
 +This is a request that we typically make in the dead of winter when the snow is piled high around the fire hydrants in the SHAES area. Please help us now if there is foliage concealing from the street a hydrant where you live. Time is of the essence when we arrive on a fire scene so being able to locate the fire hydrant quickly is of great help. Thank You.
 +===== Hydrant Flushing Underway =====
 +SHAES staff is currently flushing the water system and fire hydrants in the City of South Haven and Casco and South Haven Townships. ​ This process will continue until the all hydrants have been inspected and flushed.
 +This is necessary to clean particulates and sediment from the system. If you have discolored water at your residence, run the water until it clears and also run your washing machine through one cycle to clear water from the lines and the machine.
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