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 SHAES News Updates</​div></​html>​ SHAES News Updates</​div></​html>​
 +===== Keith Bierhalter Appointed Deputy Chief=====
 +South Haven Area Emergency Services announces the promotion of Firefighter/​Paramedic Keith Bierhalter to the rank of Deputy Chief/Fire Marshal.
 +Bierhalter has 37 years’ experience with the department, 12 years as a paid-on call firefighter and 25 years as a fulltime Firefighter/​Paramedic. ​ He was honored as the department'​s Firefighter of the Year in 2010-11.
 +He has been president of SHAES fulltime Local #2658 for the past 15 years, is a certified fire inspector and fire investigator.
 +He follows the footsteps of his late father, Lieutenant Edward Bierhalter, as a second generation fire fighter. ​ He has two grown children, Reece and Kelsi, that reside in Dallas Texas.
 +Bierhalter has been serving as Acting Deputy Chief since the June 30 retirement of Tony Marsala.
 ===== Deputy Chief Tony Marsala Enters Retirement===== ===== Deputy Chief Tony Marsala Enters Retirement=====
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