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 SHAES News Updates</​div></​html>​ SHAES News Updates</​div></​html>​
-===== SHAES Plans Large-Scale Downtown Training=====+===== SHAES Accepting Firefighter/​Paramedic Applications=====
-[{{:public:171003ladderone0001.jpg?​250|}}] +[{{:public:171218genevatownship0020.jpg?​250|}}] 
-South Haven Area Emergency Services ​will be conducting ​large-scale fire training drill in the downtown area on Sunday, April 14th. The drill will start at approximately 7 a.m. and finish by 11 a.m., with most anticipated traffic disruption lasting a minimum ​of two hoursTraffic disruption will occur on Williams Street from Center to Phoenix Street; ​and Center Street from Phoenix to Williams Street. Quaker Street will also be blocked ​by a large diameter hose during this time from Center to Williams StreetAll efforts ​will be made to conduct the water flow drill from the Black River to Center Street as efficiently as possible ​and remove any traffic obstruction as quickly as possible. + 
-  +South Haven Area Emergency Services ​is accepting applications for the purpose of creating ​hiring list for Fulltime Firefighter/​Paramedic The hiring list may be valid for up to one year.  Applications ​will be accepted until Friday, May 17th at 5 p.m. in the office ​of the Executive Director ​Eligible Applicants must be Michigan Certified Firefighter II and State of Michigan Licensed EMT-Paramedic ​by July 1, 2019 ​Applicants ​will be required ​to pass a written ​and practical exam Job description and application are available at​dokuwiki/​doku.php?​id=public:​employmentApplications may also be picked up at SHAES Station 3, 90 Blue Star Highway, South Haven, Michigan 49090. South Haven Area Emergency Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer
-The purpose of the drill will be to verify water volume that can be pumped from our current water system located in the downtown areaWe also need to verify our capability of pumping water from the river into the downtown area through large diameter hose with the use of pumping apparatusThe drill will help evaluate our capability and placement of apparatus in the event of a large fire in our downtown areaFire and law enforcement departments throughout Van Buren and Allegan Counties will be assisting as well as Van Buren County Emergency Preparedness Office. South Haven Area Emergency Services ​(SHAES) ​is working with the City of South Haven Department of Public Works to help facilitate road barricades and cones. We are also working with the City of South Haven Water Department during the event+
 ===== Open Burning Poses High Risks===== ===== Open Burning Poses High Risks=====
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